South African based socialite, Zari Hassan is bitter and spitting fire after her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Diamond Platnumz appeared on his new radio station, Wasafi FM and accused her of having a romantic relationship with her personal trainer and Nigeria’s P-Square.

But in a series of video posts on Instagram on Tuesday night, the mother of five had somethings to get off her chest concerning the accusations from Diamond. She also hit at people who were believing his lies saying they were as stupid as he is.

“Let’s get a few things straight. I was about to sleep and people keep sending me voice notes about Nasibu and how he went on his radio tarnishing me. I’m just here thinking if you guys are going to believe a word coming from a man like him, the same guy who denied his own blood, then you are also stupid just like him,” said Zari, adding, “Naomba tuheshimiane. Stay where you are, we are doing okay without you.”

Zari went on to allege that Diamond is a dead beat dad who hasn’t been there for his children emotionally or financially.

“From my side, tumekusahau. Yaani you don’t exist. You have no contacts with the kids because you decided to, your ego doesn’t let you. We don’t get emotional and financial support from you, so I don’t understand where you get the audacity to go on national radio in your own country and start accusing me of having all these affairs that I never did,” Zari continued.

She further addressed the issue of their children not visiting Tanzania saying it’s because Diamond last saw them in October last year.

“The children couldn’t come to Tanzania because you last saw them in October. You’re not emotionally, physically, financially involved in their lives. You didn’t expect me to just throw my kids on a flight and go,” said Zari.

“That’s why my lawyer asked your lawyer to have a parental plan in place where you are involved in these kids’ lives. So if you ever needed them to come to Tanzania, it would be easy. So get your act together, grow some b*lls and get some s**t done, okay?”

Zari also alleged that Diamond refused to answer messages and calls from Zari’s sons when they called on behalf of Tiffah. She also clarified that she has never stopped Diamond from seeing the kids.


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