There is no reason why you should look elsewhere if you want to quench your discovery anxiety. A Uganda safari offer Uganda has got everything every tourist would like to discover on his or her travel experience. Talk about wildlife, vegetation, waters, unique sceneries, cool weather, foods, amazing cultures, friendly people among others. With all that and more, we really see no reason of going elsewhere for a perfect travel experience. Below we have broken down the ten major treasures of Uganda that you should consider visiting at least once in your lifetime. All you will come to discover is why Sir Winston Churchill of Britain decided to call this place “The Pearl of Africa”.

There is fantastic adventure tourism in Uganda, with adventurous experiences in white water rafting in the Nile waters at Jinja near the source of the longest River in the world, River Nile. If you are really looking for more advanced adventure then you have got to pack your hiking boots and go hike along the slopes of the highest Mountain in Uganda, the Rwenzori to its highest snow caped peak of Margherita found at 5,109m above sea level. This is a no go for the unfit hikers and it will give you the ultimate experience you may be looking for. For the less brave ones, moderate hikes can be done along the Elgon in the East of Uganda at the border with Kenya with a shorter 4,321m high Wagagai peak and with no snow line like Rwenzori.

This creates the highest anxiety among the potential Ugandan visitors and no doubt wildlife is the heartbeat of Uganda’s tourism industry all embedded within the country’s ten national parks, several wildlife reserves and forest reserves. Uganda’s wildlife package has more than you can carry with the choice left to you to decide which areas you would like to visit to encounter the wild because the country is richly endowed with wild treasures in each and every corner. You will experience wildlife when you visit some of Uganda’s magnificent national parks where you can carry out activities like gorilla tracking, chimpanzee trekking, game drives, forest walks or birding to relate more with these rare species of flora and fauna found in these places. Uganda has an official mammal checklist of 342 species including 132 larger mammals, 94 bats, 70 rats and mice, 33 shrews and otter shrews and primates just to a mention a few. During your Uganda wildlife encounter we don’t expect you to miss some her unique species like mountain gorilla safari in Mgahinga and Bwindi National parks, Chimpanzees especially in Kibale forest national park, tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park and a variety of game in different parks around the country including the localized “big five” of Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard and Rhino and many more mammals.

Favorable Weather
Uganda’s weather is non-exclusive to anyone, meaning that it’s all accommodative. From whatever climatic region you may come from, you will find yourself very comfortable when you step onto Uganda’s soil. Cool and warm weather conditions all year round make it possible for every visitor to carryout their favorite activities with ease. Forget about the winter or summer when you come to Uganda and in fact, most of Uganda’s Western visitors have found the weather more of the same throughout the country even when they go to some areas that are considered to have a bit more extreme conditions than the rest like the Kigezi and Kabale highlands in the far Southwest of the country, meaning that they enjoy the Ugandan weather even more than the residents. Anywhere you may decide to go within Uganda regardless of the season whether wet or dry season, you will still find the environment as comfortable as it can be.

Geography and beautiful sceneries
Uganda is one of only 13 countries run through by the Equator and you know what this means when it comes to regulated atmospheric temperatures. On top of this, the pearl of Africa has countless beautiful sceneries ranging from white water falls to snow capped mountains, large forests with multi canopy layers to wide open savannah grasslands, beautiful early mist in valleys between various hills and still and rough waters of the large Lake Victoria basin. If it is your first times to visit Uganda trust me you will find everything given by nature very amazing and awesome simply because you in the Pearl of Africa.

Exceptional Culture
Culture brings you the ultimate nature of the people of Uganda. You will get to know each community in detail as they take you through their beliefs, customs and norms. Their songs and dance also speak volumes about their culture, you will be highly entertained as you watch how various tribes use different parts of their bodies to dance for example the Baganda and Basoga in the central and Eastern regions respectively use more of their waists to dance while the Bagisu around the elgon region use more of legs to dance powerfully. The ultimate mix of Uganda’s diversified culture is displayed by the famous Ndere troop, a local multi-cultural performing group in Kampala where almost all the country’s cultural groups are represented in this large group of locally turned professional performers and you will count yourself blessed to attend one of their weekly performances as they exhibit Ugandan culture at a glance through music, dance and drama. In addition to that, you will find organized cultural groups at almost every tourist site you visit especially around the national parks and each group introduces visitors to the region’s culture in various ways including, songs, dance, activities, food and beliefs.

Foods and Drinks
When it comes to food and drinks, Uganda ranks high among those countries that are internationally recognized for delicious dishes. Just like the weather, Uganda’s food is also non-exclusive to anyone. Uganda has got a variety of foods and drinks with both local and International dishes available as well as beverages. However for this cause we would like to introduce you to the local delicacies that will make you want to come back to Uganda once you taste them. You can get a full package of Uganda’s different foodstuffs once you visit a locally developed restaurant that has got foods from each and every region of the country. From here you will be able to taste the central region favorite staple food, Matooke together with a variety of others depending on your choice which include rice, potatoes, cassava, Posho, Irish, pumpkin, yam and many more. These are supplemented by several sauce varieties including fish, meat from all livestock, chicken, beans and other serial sauce. Vegetables are also common in all local restaurants and they are served accompanied every dish you may order. Drinks range from locally brewed beers to international whisks, spirits and wines and again the only problem you are likely to face here is that of making a choice because you may end up trying to taste each and everything you see in the shelves.

Peace & Security
Today Uganda is very calm and peaceful than never before and this is a very important aspect to point out because it is one of the factors that are considered first before one takes a step to visit any destination. Unlike many African nations that are entangled with insecurity cases, Uganda has been extremely calm since the kicking out of the former threatening rebel groups of LRA and ADF more than a decade ago. You will surely feel safe and at home in every part of Uganda you reach and it is this sense of belonging that will make you fall in love with everything the country has to offer.

Hospitable people
You can never meet any more friendlier people, they will make you feel at home through the way they receive you or approach you. You will freely interact with the locals and you will feel free to ask them explain to you anything that you may want to know and they will willingly do it. You will feel a sense of belonging when you are together with these visitor loving people in any part of the country that you may go to. The friendly nature of Ugandans is not by surprise because historically Uganda was one of the few countries in Africa whose chiefs welcomed missionaries and explorers warmly whereas others decided to play hostile to them. Therefore it is commonly believed that the hospitality in Uganda is more in their nature than a mere learned discipline that might have come through the changing ages of civilization.

Uganda is not short of accommodation and what she has to offer in this sector exceeds your consumption. All accommodation facilities of any nature are available for your selection. From five-star hotels to luxury lodges, from upmarket and medium to budget facilities. They are set up in a way that all categories of visitors with different financial status will be able to find their pocket size accommodation. On a more positive note, apart from within the country’s capital Kampala, other fancy accommodation facilities are strategically located near the country’s tourist destinations like game parks and it will be your choice to pick which class of accommodation you want to stay in.

Religious Tourism
On top of being one of the countries that observes high religious freedom, Uganda is non denominational but rather a multi-religious country when it comes to faith. This means that visitors coming to Uganda from various religious backgrounds all over the world will be fully accommodated for by finding their places of worship to practice their faith. Christianity dominates the country with other religious groups including Islam, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism and other minor groups with Churches, Mosques and temples built everywhere around the country.
In general. Uganda the pearl of Africa is worth visiting. The country is gifted by I terms of beautiful landscapes, adventure experiences, attractions, activities and hospitable people which together make the country an exceptional destination to visit.


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