The myth about riches that should come when one believes in Jesus has taken the Christian church to a different level in society and heightened the church in world business. Belief in Jesus and all will be fine- the church has sung this song for long. “He Jesus died so that you may be better”, is a rhyme from the scriptures that removes all doubt from a believer and leads him/her in the direction the church deems fitting. “He was wiped so that you live in a mansion”, this is a line that will make any lazy person run a mile.

In bible times one of the children of the promise called Jacob was so poor he had to work to be given a woman. And because he was too poor he wasn’t even given the woman he wanted to marry. He had to work again to be given the woman he truly wanted.

I am of the view that if Ishmael’s children had visited Laban, Jacob would need an intervention from the most high for him to get a wife.

This Jacob gave birth to twelve children. The children were so poor they sold their brother to Egypt.

The king David laments to the creator in the temple that bad people seem to enjoy themselves in this world. What didn’t King David have that he has to cry out like this?

Even King David though anointed and powerful, so the vanity and pain in this world. The messiah when he lived on earth was so poor but fought his way out.

The promises of the messiah are spiritual but the church has made them material promises. And so when we kneel down and pray and don’t get our prayers answered we get mad and curse on his/her name (the lord’s name). Then all sorts of superstition being to loiter in the mind; may be we are not praying to the right God. May be I don’t pay enough tithe, may be I need the pastor to pray for me.

So Jacob can dream and even talk to the most high but still remain poor. Jesus can make miracles but still remain poor. The disciples were poor but this generation believes; pray and Jesus will make you rich.

Yes, we have turned things upside down.

Let us keep the belief in the lord but go out our success and work and use all our resources to achieve what we put our minds to. Our success should be differentiated from our belief in the most high.


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