Middle school students spend more time with their gadgets than they do outdoors, according to a recent study in the journal Environment and Behavior. Although kids still like to play outside, as they age, they spend an increasing amount of time indoors. By the time you reach adulthood, you are probably spending upwards of 90% in your home, office or vehicle. As technology progresses, this is inevitable. However, there’s no need to switch off completely. If you are tech obsessed, then why not invest in technology that will encourage outdoor time? With the news that we prefer gadgets to camping, here is some equipment to get you in the great outdoors.

Thermoelectric Phone Charger

You spend an average of more than 5 hours a day on your phone. Imagine going camping without a power outlet in sight? Fortunately, there’s an awesome new gadget which will allow you to recharge your electronic items all night long. When shopping for a camping stove, look for one with a USB plug. It will use the thermoelectric energy from the fire to recharge your smartphone. You’ll have the equipment to spend the night in the wild, without the excuse of your phone potentially going dead.

Flycraft Fishing Boat

One of the most relaxing aspects of camping is the opportunity to fish. However, what if you want to make it more exciting? Flycraft inflatable fishing boats are lightweight, stealthy and versatile, allowing you to escape the crowds and seek out adventure. Once you have the boat, you can fill it gadget based fishing supplies to make outdoor time even more exciting. Pocket sized rods, fish catching trackers and GPS systems are all perfect to pair with a Flycraft boat, giving you the motivation to get out into nature.

Back Attack Pack

Maybe the reason you won’t go outside isn’t because you don’t want to, but because you are scared. There are bears out there! Well, there’s a gadget for that too. The Back Attack Pack straps to the back of your backpack. If a bear approaches, pull the release ball and your bag will release pepper spray behind you as you run. You can’t outrun most wild animals, but with this accessory, you can prevent them from chasing you. With safety sorted, there’s really no excuse not to get outside.

Spending time outdoors is essential to human health and wellbeing. That’s why this report from Environment and Behavior is so concerning. Invest in gadgets which make outdoor life fun, exciting, comfortable and safe. This will motivate you to camp, fish and hike more often, adding adventure to your life.

Article by Casandra Ambleside


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