Kiernan Jarryd Forbes alias AKA spits fire on twitter against award ceremonies after not being nominated for the 2018 South Africa Hip Hop Awards.

On Monday, AKA hit social media with lengthy twitter rant expressing his dissatisfaction against award ceremonies.

It should be noted that yesterday, the organizers of South Africa Hip-Hop Awards released the official nominees list and the Megacy rapper didn’t make it to the list. Rapper AKA is apparently lashing out at them  indirectly by revaling that he’s no longer interested in awards.

He further explains that he did not submit in his works for awards show.

He even advises his fans not to attack the organizers of awards ceremonies but rather asks for their support.

AKA wrote, “Megacy. Please stop attacking the SA Hip Hop Awards. I didn’t submit. For my own personal reasons, I no longer submit for award shows because I no longer believe in the concept of awards. The greatest reward or award is you rocking with me and my music. I wish them all the best.”

He adds, “I have arguably the biggest album and without argument … the biggest Hip Hop or even local song this year. Period. I don’t need an award to confirm that. All I need is your support.

Check out AKA’s tweets below;


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