South African media personality, Somizi Mhlongo can’t keep calm because his lover Mohale just landed himself a new debut role in MTV Shuga Drama series.

Somizi took to Instagram to announce to his followers to express just how proud he was of his flame for snatching a role in MTV Shuga drama series.

Mohale joined into the acting field after scooping himself a role in MTV Shuga drama series.

Somizi Mhlongo gushes over Mohale and says he’s proud of him. He also appreciates his boldness for taking up the MTV Shuga acting role yet it’s his first time in the movie industry.

He posted snaps of themselves in matching outfits on their way to the official MTV Shuga Down South launch.

The choreographer captions, “Off to the premier of the 2nd season of mtv SHUGA staring my bae @mohale_77 so proud of him right now for going for what he loves unapologetically and bold. His first role. Here’s to a great future as an actor.”   

However, Somizi’s followers and fans have reacted to his post by disagreeing with him about Mohale’s first role in MTV Shuga’s drama series. Many have regarded him as not talented but rather scooped the role with Somizi’s help and connections.

One fan wrote, “Bull! You got him that Job and the rest of us that actually auditioned got sidelined.”

Somizi responded back to his fans who are discrediting his flame in the comment.

“Even if that’s the case. Wtf would you expect me to do? He’s my partner. My fiancé. If him being with me makes things easier for him so be it. I’m not got feel sorry for that. All the luck to you.”That’s how life in general operates,” said Somizi.

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