Songstress Fille and ex-boyfriend MC Kats, have finally made a public appearance together after months of fighting and picking on each other in the media.

The on and off couple had the bitter split a couple of months back due to unclear circumstances forcing Fille to release ‘Bye Bye X’, a song attacking MC Kats. In return, Kats confiscated Fille’s social media accounts on which she had already built a name.

MC Kats moved on and even hooked a young artist, Shamie K who is signed under his label, Kats Music. He appeared on national TV saying he is doing well without his baby mama in his life. Fille on the other side is also doing well in her solo career.

Fans were surprised when Fille and MC Kats appeared on stage hugging and getting really cozy. They were celebrating 6 years of Fille Music. Fille also shared on social media thanking her baby father for being her road to stardom.

This excited fans for flooded her social media page begging them to reunite

We thought that was the end of it all until Fille appeared on social media this time praising Kats and thanking him for her success. Hugging on stage, the two were celebrating 6 years of Fille Music.


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