City socialite Sulaiman Kabangala commonly known as SK Mbuga SK Mbuga is currently detained at Awir Central Jail in Dubai.

Mbuga was arrested in Dubai in 2018 over allegations of fraud. Together with his wife, Angela Vivienne Chebet, 33, the couple is accused of fraudulent transfer of money amounting to 53m Kronor (about Shs23 billion) from a company account Chebet was running with her 71-year old Swedish boyfriend, Sten Heinsoo.

Vivian managed who managed to flee from the authorities has given an update on her husband’s situation.

Vivian, in an emotional prayer, reveals that her husband’s situation is not good but thanks God for giving him life.

It should be remembered that Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kahamba Kuteesa in November last year revealed that there was nothing much that government of Uganda can do to secure the release of the socialite.

Kuteesa said Mbuga’s case is complicated that it was him to battle it out in the foreign courts of law, adding the government played its role of availing him doctors, visiting him and lawyers are ready to defend him.


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