Lovebirds Geosteady and baby mama Ndagire Prima  must be the most dramatic couple ever and we’ve kind of lost track of how many times they have kissed and made up after a public split.

Way back in May, the lovers had a bitter split with Prima accusing the ‘Tokendeeza’ singer of infidelity and flirting around with many slay queens in Kampala.

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Reports also had it that Geosteady was romantically involved with a one Lianah and Prima couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to announce her new relationship status on Facebook ending things with her baby daddy.

She then deleted all the photos they took as a couple and unfollowed him on social media.

Well the couple survived the storms and made up. They have since reignited their love flames and are happy like they never broke up.

Sharing their photo together on social media, Prima showers Geosteady with praises, thanking him for mentoring her into a strong hardworking and patient woman.


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