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Bebe Cool accused of embezzling money meant for children living with HIV

Moses Nsubuga popularly known as Moses Supercharger has accused singer Bebe Cool of embezzling money meant to care for orphans living with HIV.

The former Radio Simba presenter laid claims that the singer took 1.5 million Ugx 10 years back and it’s this saga that led him to quit the radio station.

Moses first applauded Bebe Cool for his political arguments while appearing on BBS TV yesterday before the accusations.

“Am on BBS Television watching Bebe cool. I like his arguments and discussion and I think he has a brighter future in politics. Am a resident of Nakawa and I think he can be a good competitor in our area. But I just want someone to remind him that ten years ago he cheated me 1.5 m shillings money that was meant for orphans living with HIV,” Supercharger, a vocal HIV/AIDs advocate.

“That saga even led me to leave my job at radio Simba. I have never forgiven him until one day he will act like a man own up and pay the orphans’ money he took at kikyusa. It is important to note that I have no any other problem with him and I love it when he follows my advocacy work,” Supercharger wrote.

Supercharger is one of the first Ugandans in the public eye to reveal that he had HIV and has lived with it for 24 years now. He is the founder of Stigmaless Uganda.

Bebe Cool is yet to address the allegations

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