Pleated Skirts

By this time you would think no single individual has reservations when it comes to pleated skirts but i know someone who doesn’t believe she can pull off this look.

Pleated skirts were off the radar for some time, considered out-dated, and then it made a come back.

It is a simple, yet striking look that has become a wardrobe staple, one that is a blend of street style & sophistication.

It looks stylish with a T-shirt and sandals/sneakers in summer, and polished with a jumper and boots in winter.

The pleated skirt flatters all shapes and sizes. The elegant pleats elongate the silhouette, and the waistband adds subtle definition to your narrowest point.

Different Ways To Wear A Pleated Skirt

Sandrine wanki

Looks stunning in this silver and black look. Its amazing how she cinched in her waist with that gorgeous belt.

Sandrine wanki. image/instagram

Ama Godson. She looked stunning when she styled the leather pleated skirt in 3 ways.

Damilola Owoade
The style blogger looked great in Beige Nudes, Brown X Yellow, Mint Chocolate and more spring colors.

Iman Mkwanazi


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