Ebola outbreak

On Thursday, Uganda’s Ministry of Health registered a second Ebola death after the outbreak was declared late on Tuesday.

The patients were from a family of six who traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where an Ebola outbreak had occurred, to care for a relative who later died of Ebola.

A five-year-old boy and his grandmother tested positive for the virus after the family returned to Uganda. The boy died on Tuesday night, the first fatality in the country since the outbreak in neighboring DRC.

The grandmother died on Wednesday at Bwera Hospital in the western district of Kasese town in western Uganda, said the ministry’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, in a statement.

“It’s unfortunate that we (have) lost the grandmother to the first confirmed case of Ebola, the five-year-old boy. The grandmother was among those in the Ebola Treatment Unit at Bwera Hospital,” said the spokesperson.

Five relatives of the deceased were repatriated back to DRC- mother,father,3 year-old sibling, 6 month old baby & the maid.

As of now, NO confirmed case of Ebola in Uganda.

Teams from Ministry of Health, WHO, CDC led by Hon.Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng during their visit to Kasese District upon confirmation of an #Ebola outbreak appreciated the efforts of the District task force and health workers manning Points Of Entry.

Vaccination starts on Friday.

Health teams were joined by a team from Ministry of Health, DRC who donated a total of 400 doses of ‘Ebola-rVSV’ vaccines to support Uganda embark on ring vaccination of the contacts to the confirmed cases and non-vaccinated front-line health and other workers. The vaccination will start on Friday 14th June 2019.

Jane Ruth Aceng visiting the Bwera Ebola Treatment Unit in Kasese.

“Health workers are my heroes and heroines, I appreciate all those manning the Ebola treatment units. They all looked enthusiastic, confident and committed to the job. The services delivered by the health workers is beyond measure. No amount of money can pay for it. They are my Heroes and Heroines. I am so very proud of you and all the health workers of Uganda”, said Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng after visiting the Bwera Ebola Treatment Unit in Kasese.


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