Youngster Chozen Blood came out with claims that he was badly beaten by Team No Sleep manager Jeff Kiwa on Sunday night at Sky Lounge.

Reports say that Selector Jay played Chozen Blood’s latest hit ‘Lumya’, it was then that Kiwa dragged the former T.N.S singer beating him to the extent of almost losing his neck.

Chozen while appearing in an exclusive interview with Sheilah Gashumba begged the ‘so called’ celebrities to stop violence against young artists.

Roden Y Kabako, a member in T.N.S who was also present at the night of the brawl rubbished reports accusing Chozen Blood of being an attention seeker.

“Chozen Blood is just a media attention seeker. On Sunday, I was at Sky Lounge with my crew but did not see Jeff beating him up as he claims.” Kabako said.

It should be remembered that the ‘Slay Queen’ hit maker quit the group months back on claims that he was not getting enough shine despite releasing a couple of hit songs of songs and gaining a number of fans. He then decided to focus on a solo career since his bosses focused more on Roden Y Kabako, and their main artiste Sheebah Karungi.

Chozen singer joined to Tip Swizzy and Feffe Bussi manager camp headed by Arafat number Emu.



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