30-year-old artist, Rihanna looks jaw-dropping beautiful on the cover of GARAGE Magazine’s September issue.

For the cover image, Rihanna is seen wearing an off-the-shoulder, rose bolero paired with lacy Dolce & Gabbana briefs, a pair of Y/Project stilettos and a necklace from Tiffany’s.

The stylist said, “I felt like it wasn’t that exciting for her to only wear things that I’m sure she’s familiar with, you know?” According to Nazario, the top Rihanna is wearing is a piece from the 1960’s.

Carlos Nazario, the shoot’s stylist, aimed to dress Rihanna in several vintage ensembles and was photographed by Deana Lawson.

Rihanna’s edge is integrated into the looks with a dark vampy lipstick from FENTY beauty of course, and obnoxiously long golden bejeweled nails.

“I always like to incorporate vintage pieces, because it’s a whole world of clothing that people haven’t seen.”

See all looks below;

Rihanna on Garage cover shoot.



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