Singer Rema Namakula has come out to clear air about her new hit song ‘Sili Muyembe.

Many have taken up the belief that Rema was referring to her personal love life with fellow artist Eddy Kenzo. Rumor has it that Eddy is no longer staying with his baby-mama Rema and is dating another woman who is alleged to be pregnant.

In Sili Muyembe, Rema talks about how she is not a mango which someone only eats after it ripens. She also hints on several men that have hit on her and how she is thinking of letting them walk away with her only for her lover to stay in regrets.

In an interview with one local TV station, Rema made it clear that “if someone is relating my song ‘Sili Muyembe‘ to my personal life, they make the situation easy for me. It is ok for you to perceive it that way”

She also added that she is grateful for the good reception her song has received so far.

Rema’s new single is a love song that is surely going to be used in reference to many love relationships.

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