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Rapper AKA claps back at haters calling him “gay.”

South African rapper AKA is being called ‘gay’ by tweeps after sharing a photo of himself with another man all shirtless while he was in a club performing over the weekend.

In the picture, the other shirtless yet unidentified man was “touching” shirtless AKA while in one of the clubs he performed at over the weekend.

His fans started asking him questions why he was shirtless in a club hugging a shirtless white man. AKA took it upon himself to explain to those who got confused about his snap that got him branded or called ‘gay. ‘

The 30 year old rapper has come out to respond to haters calling him gay after checking out the snap he shared on social media. He says he ain’t bothered by people calling him “gay.”

One internet user by the names of Mr. Naidoo apparently equates to AKA being gay following his recent snap which surfaced on social media and thus going viral.

Mr. Naidoo  shared his own version of snaps showing AKA in nothing but white underwear trying to hug another shirtless white man in a club.

He tweets, “Your fav rapper. That explains the new hairstyle. Coming out vibes

The white gay guy is some filthy rich property developer. The guy is so rich, he buys Ferraris for the boys he sleeps with just like the late Bret Keble. I wonder how much did he pay AKA for 🍑

See tweet here;

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes alias AKA responded to Mr. Naidoo’s tweet by dismissing the pictures by saying people who are saying he stripped down to his underwear at a club were reaching and it was foul play with the viral snaps.




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