Born on 8th November, Pia Pounds is one of the leading upcoming and vibrant ladies in the industry.

She went from ‘doing every job anyone could present me’ to becoming a singer and influence for the many hopeful youngsters to come after her.

But while it might seem like the talented 23-year-old’s face has cme from nowhere, her music career is something she’s actually been getting ready for since childhood. Despite the problems of having lost her mother and sibling at a tender age, Pia never stopped dreaming and through this, God kept paving a way for her.

“I can’t begin to describe the pain me and my siblings went through to survive… I was forced to be hardworking the hard way, because I only had myself, my dreams and a little hope… I grew up so fast.” 

“Came into this industry at the age of 13…God kept paving the way. From baby Tracy to Pia. From the Black sheep to the Only sheep. From hopeless to hopeful…” Pia continues.

Her big break through came this early this year when Eddy Kenzo scouted her and signed her to his music label, Big Talent. She released her first song uder the label shortly after and she has never looked back.

“Now I see some light at the end of the tunnel and am not about to stop…gotta Keep fighting. I’ve learnt never to judge anyone by their looks jobs or what they say – but by their story. Our stories shape us.” she said.

Pia after she signed with Big Talent.

Pia Pounds, real names Tracy Kirabo, is a former public relations practitioner passionate about writing and even runs her own blog.

Happy birthday Pia Pounds. The sky is the limit.


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