The continued fall from power of Africa’s strong men, Mubarak, Gaddafi, Mugabe…

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has been forced out of power in a characteristic and famous Africa style of settling political differences; a coup- the Sudanese military has over thrown the president.

The over throw of Omar Al bashir

ICC’s most wanted man is now in jeopardy and at the hands of sympathizes. Omar Bashir took over power in a similar manner in 1989 when the military again staged a coup. He has ruled Sudan for 30 years to date. As the strong men of Africa continue to fall by the numbers, question still remains why is it that so many African president remain in power for a long time? Is it part of African heritage that should be understood and appreciated than fought against? Or is it that they have come across knowledge of some kind that they are kept desirous day and night of achieving an impossible Africa dream?

The people in sudan are pictured with joy and happiness after this historic event and an end of an era.

Omar Al bashir's government falls in Sudan


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