Ghananians are excited and happy after their celebrated rapper Michael Owusu Addo alias Sarkodie releasing a new song dissing his fellow musician Shatta Wale calling him names.

According to fans, Sarkodie’s latest new diss track called “Advice”  kind of puts Danchall musician Shatta Wale in his place. He even advises him to be wary of him.

Sarkodie- Shatta Wale beef started earlier this year but it looks we are yet to experience more out of this dramatic feud between these artists.

Sarkodie actually assures Shatta Wale that he’s poor though he boosts about his riches in his new single dubbed “Advice.”

“Who gives a f*** with your chicken change property?” a line of Sarkodie’s song chants. According to Sarkodie, Shatta Wale knows nothing, but only enjoys tarnishing the hard-earned image of other musicians. He further goes ahead to call Shatta Wale names such as He’s a fool.

Listen & download it below;


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