Leaked Audio | Socialite Herbert Shonga in nasty fight with ex-girlfriend Sheilah Mulunji.


Socialite Herbert Shonga’s decision to go back to his wife after a cheating scandal may have rubbed his ex-girlfriend Sheilat Murunji the wrong way.

We recently noticed Sheilat Mulunji firing subliminal shots at Dorothy Shonga after explicit videos of Dorothy and Herbert surfaced on social media.

Audio footage has been leaked of Herbert emotionally/verbally abusing and slut-shaming his ex-girlfriend, Sheilat.

The former Space Lounge owner accuses his former PR of making the first move and orchestrating the whole affair. Herbert who says he is just a money maker also terms Sheilat as a money minded prostitute who lure him into a relationship.

Herbert Shonga’s ex-girlfriend hits at Dorothy Shonga for paying for her own wedding


It should be remembered that Herbert started dating Sheilat after giving her a job in the Space Lounge, a bar along Jinja Road that was bought by his wife by then Dorothy Shonga and after employing her, he started feasting on her and after a few weeks of cheating, Dorothy found out.



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