Boston Celtics guard Jabari Bird pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges of domestic assault, strangulation, and kidnapping. Bail was set at $100,000 – with $50,000 required in cash – according to MassLive’s Jacqueline Tempera.

Bird was arrested on Saturday after the incident and was last reported to be under guard in a Boston hospital.

At Thursday’s arraignment, prosecutors contended that the 24-year-old kept a former romantic partner trapped in an apartment for four hours, threw her against a wall, and strangled her multiple times, including once when she lost consciousness. According to MassLive’s Tom Westerholm, he also repeatedly kicked the woman in the stomach.

The police report states the victim eventually took refuge in a bathroom, and when she came out Bird was displaying “seizure-like symptoms.” Authorities also said that he threatened to kill himself in a text message to the woman.

Bird’s release allows for travel with the Celtics, but it includes conditions of no drugs or alcohol, no weapons, and court-ordered supervision by his high school coach.


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