All this drama surrounding singer, Geosteady might be coming to an end real soon before we even get to see the D.N.A results.

Just a week after surprising his wife with a new ride, a one Nalubega appeared on TV saying that she was in an affair with the ‘Owooma’ singer when she got pregnant for him. She however claimed that Geosteady failed to take care of the child.

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The accusations pushed Geosteady and his wife, Prima to  the edge and they decided to go for a DNA test paying all the expenses. He allowed to do this because he could not stand the rumors and what they were doing to his image and marriage.

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The couple on their kukyala

But before the results from Nakasero based MBN lab, the woman called the couple saying she has found the real father of her son. She added that she is willing to pay for the damages caused in the havoc.

This was confirmed by Prima who insisted that Nalubega was being used by Geosdteady’s ex girlfriend to break their family apart.

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