Update: Aquaman director James Wan wanted a great script or concept before a sequel officially went into development, and it sounds like he’s got one!

Only a few weeks after it was reported that development was moving slowly on Aquaman 2, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the original film’s co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has now been hired to start work on a follow-up.

Wan is currently negotiating to return as a producer, but apparently his involvement as a director will be determined by a number of factors down the road. He is expected to produce a horror spin-off set in Aquaman‘s underwater hell known as The Trench and is also quite busy with his Conjuring universe.

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Original: There’s every chance that Worlds of DC fans will get to dive into Aquaman 2 at some point. The question is whether it will reunite everyone who made the first movie a smash.

The underwater superhero movie’s staggering success means that it’s about to surpass The Dark Knight as the highest-grossing DC Comics movie ever with more than $1b in earnings, meaning Aquaman is somehow making more cash than Batman these days.

It makes sense that studio Warner Bros would want to get started on a sequel, and Deadline reports that’s exactly what’s happening, with early development now underway.

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The question remains over whether director James Wan will return though. His representative told the publication that Wan is taking a break from all work at the moment – but that doesn’t mean he can’t be enticed back in time.

After all, Warner Bros waited months to put together a history-making, multi-million dollar deal to lure Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins back for the sequel, which will be hitting cinemas next summer.

Deadline reports that Wan is especially concerned with the quality of the script, so will hold out until the right sequel idea comes about.

The cast of Aquaman also all seem keen to return too (and are also likely all locked into multi-film contracts anyway). Last month, Amber Heard told Digital Spy that she has high hopes for a follow-up film to explore new layers to her character Mera.

“[I love] that she’s a badass and she saves the day and she saves him on multiple occasions, I love that. Also, I love that he plays a more complex hero, one who’s flawed and is human and is sensitive,” she explained.

“We allow the hyper masculine image on the outside to be countered with sensitivity and emotional depth. We’re not just challenging female representation, we’re challenging male representation and I think both need to be addressed.

“That said, for the sequel, I’d like to see more of that. Now that we’ve allowed for her to have strength, I’d like to allow for her to have some weirdness, some flaws, some weakness in a way that’s not the typical damsel weakness.”

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Patrick Wilson also told us that he’d like any sequel to incorporate some more humour in his character Orm, since he felt the villain was “so dry” the first time around.

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