It’s reportedly said that unknown man forged Kanye West’s signature and scammed a German fashion Designer called Phillip Plein.

According to reports, the conman acted as Kanye West’s representative and begged for negotiations with Plein’s team claiming that Kanye was set to perform at his fashion show this week on Monday.

Kanye West’s fake representative negotiated a million dollar deal with German designer Phillip Plein, a deal that would have West perform at Plein’s upcoming New York Fashion Week event on Monday night.

The guy reportedly forged Kanye West’s signature in order to secure himself $900,000 in advance claiming that Kanye West would have wanted that amount to be wired immediately.

As part of the scam, the man (whose name has yet to be released, although he’s rumored to be a former associate of G.O.O.D. Music) alleged that West would require a $900,000 advance on the seven-figure contract, to be wired immediately. Plein unfortunately fell for the request and wired the money in full after seeing West’s forged signature on the fake contract.

Kanye West hasn’t come out to comment about the said reports regarding a fashion designer being scammed by unknown man after forging Ye’s signature.

Phillip Plein- German Fashion Designer.



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