Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson is reportedly set to have a lunch date with one lucky Ghanaian man who goes by the names of Fredrick after sharing avideo clip making his intentions known to the actress.

Yvonne was impressed and they will soon have their debut date together.

It should be noted that the actress is now single after breaking up with her British photographer and baby daddy Roberts Jamie earlier this year. You never this could be Fredrick’s moment to hook up with the actress to share great memories together and relationship goals. Fingers remain crossed.

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Taking to social media, the 33 year old actress shares a video clip of herself and her new lucky Ghanaian guy she’s willing to date after her split from Jamie Roberts.

It should be remembered after her break up, Yvonne Nelson made a call that she needed a Ghanaian man for a date.

Yvonne said no Ghanaian man has ever proposed to her yet.

According to her, Ghanaian men lack confidence in approaching her. But there’s this one man who was confident enough to try his luck and has won the heart of Yvonne Nelson.

According to reports, the dude is identified as Frederick.

We are told that he recorded a video to make his intentions known to the beautiful actress. Yvonne after seeing and watching Fred’s video shared it on Instagram with the caption: “Fred, I wanna meet you! Lets have lunch! .”

Credit goes to; Pulse.

Watch the clip here;


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