It is interesting to see men fall in love with this new bag trend. But anyway, man bags aren’t a new thing.

Men’s bags are no longer a novelty. Also known as a “murse,” it’s worn under the arms and across the chest, in forms ranging from satchels to messenger bags.

We can’t take credit ourselves for the observation that young, fashionable men have started carrying chest bags.

Ugandan music stars like the music group B2C, Ziza Bafana, Geosteady and many more have embraced the trend as it is seen in their music videos or photo shoots.

Their commitment to wearing the bag not just as a vessel for stuff but rather as a bonafide badge of honor signals that wearing it was not simply a grab-and-go WTVR type of decision but rather a deliberate, stylistic choice — and that indicates the possibility of a trend on the verge of a comeback, perhaps invest in a leather version while you’re at it.

Geosteady rocking a chest-bag.


Pallaso wearing a chest bag.


Gravity omutujju rocking a chest-bag.

B2C wearing chest-bags


Ziza Bafana wearing chest-bag

Ziza Bafana

Feffe Bussi wearing the chest-bag

Feffe Bussi

International celebrities that have been proponents included A$AP Rocky, Pharrell and many more.

Pharrell next to David Beckham rocking the chest bag.




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