Lauren London is slain rapper Nipsey Hussel’s fiance. Lauren London decided to ink her body with her lover’s tattoo as aw ay to pay tributed to him.

Nipsey Hussel was shot dead a few weeks ago while standing outside his South Los Angeles clothing store. A memorial ceremony was organized to celebrate the rapper life after he was shot dead. Many celebrities have paid tribute to the fallen star.

Jay Z, Barack Obama, Rick Ross and many others sent in their tribute messages during the late’s memorial ceremony to celebrate his life.

Rapper Nipsey Hussel’s memorial took place on Thursday at Staples Center in Los Angeles, United States. It’s from after this memorial procession that the deceased lover shared her new Nipsey Hussel tattoo.

Lauren London she shared a new tattoo of Nipsey captioned with “Real Love Never Dies When you see me, you will always see him #LoveYouHussle #TMC.”

See photo here;

Lauren London’s new Nipsey Hussel’s tattoo.


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