Kim Kardashian shares nude snaps again to promote her makeup brand.

Kim Kardashian is at it again, She has again shared racy, nude pictures on Instagram to promote her make up brand after releasing nude pictures in April to promote her KKW Fragrance.

Read more here;Kim Kardashian goes nude again to promote KKW Fragrance. 

It looks like her fans should learn to get over it because she’s not yet to stop. Kim Kardashian West shared another eye-popping nude campaign photo after she was called out by followers for posing naked for a shoot to promote her new makeup collection.

According to Kim Kardashian, Her new makeup brand will be available this Friday and she’s not bothered about being called out by her followers for sharing nude snaps to promote her makeup brand.

Kim Kardashian adds that her Flashing Lights makeup Collection will be exclusively available on Kkwbeauty.com.

Kim’s recent nude pictures were taken by photographer David Lachapelle.

She captions, “A little silver eye this morning! Flashing Lights Collection by @david_lachapelle Available this Friday Exclusively on Kkwbeauty.com.”

Below are the initial photos she shared that earned her criticisms.


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