Wakiso and Kampala district have mapped as areas vulnerable to Ebola disease that has been reported in eastern Democratic republic of Congo.

the disease that is transmitted through contact with body fluids kills in the shortest time after killing blood vessels and rupturing the immune system.

The Ebola disease that broke out in the neighboring democratic republic of Congo last month has so far claimed lives of 57 people in the different parts of the country and over 32 are still under surveillance.

Uganda Red cross teams and aid agencies have teamed up to screen on Congolese entering Uganda,carrying out sensitization and continued to tighten surveillance systems along the five(5) high ranking districts which comprise of kisoro,districts in the westnile and mainly kasese which is one of the districts with direct entry into Uganda from the neighboring Congo.

Over twenty thousand Congolese refugees are screened every day and those found with abnormal temperatures are Isolated and taken to the Isolation unit in bwera.

speaking during site visits at Mpondwe Boarder, Uganda red cross society secretary general Robert Kwesiga explains that Kampala and wakiso have been put on the spot light because of the number of refugees who keep coming in to the urban areas.

Robert Kwesiga is currently on site visits of screening centers and meeting volunteers who are sensitizing communities on detection and preventive methods in a bid to save lives.

Ebola is reported to be 100 kilometers Deep in the DRC from the Uganda Boarder .


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