Yesterday Social media was circulated with rumor that The Ebonies popular actress Julie Underwood commonly know by her stage name Sharon had quit the drama group.

Sources also reported that her sister, seeing her current condition and how frustrated she was, had convinced her to end her marriage with socialite Farouk Ssempala and run to settle in the US.

The actress who is heavily pregnant with Sempala’s child came out to refute the rumor saying none of it is true.

“Am reading a lot of rumors on social media regarding my going to the USA and they are affecting my reputation, my Image but most of all my Family coz its all lies .. First and foremost I didn’t leave The Ebonies..I got maternity leave my boss granted it”

She further asserted that she was on martenity leave and had traveled to the States to give birth with full support from her hubby.

“…secondly my fiancée Pharouque Sempala is fully aware of my trip and he fully sponsored it, I went to the US to deliver my baby from there as well as visit my sick sister then return. I couldn’t travel at a later time they couldn’t let me board a plane because then I would be too heavy but please I beg let my family live in peace. my fiance is aware of everything..thank you.”

Julie was previously married to fellow actor and comedian Simon Base Kalema in 2009 but broke up in 2015 after siring two lovely children.


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