Apps that improve your studies.

Just a decade ago, students attending their lectures would spend their entire time wildly writing on their notebook, trying not to miss any vital and important information. Then technology came and with it some more elegant ways of capturing notes during lectures. And we are not talking just about notes, technology basically revolutionized the way students study. It is helping them focus, streamline, and increase their productivity all at once.

Studying still means hours spent in the library, there is no chance of avoiding that, but at least from now on studying doesn’t need to be so boring! There are countless mobile applications that can make studying both easier and more fun. And since nowadays everyone has a smartphone, there are no excuses for not having some smart time-saving and productivity-boosting apps installed on your phone. 

Here are some of the best apps loved by students – the only problem is that you may become addicted to them. You’ve been warned.

PDF to JPG Converter

This app can come in really handy to those students that are doing a lot of presentations, thesis, case studies etc. Imagine this, you are doing research for your paper and you came along an amazing case study with some great pictures, data and graphs you would like to use in your paper. The only problem is that case study being in the PDF meaning you can’t extract images and graphs from it that easily.  One option is to print screen the document (that way you will end up with low-quality images) the other is to use PDF to JPG Converter in order to extract high-quality images from the document. We would always choose the second option since the quality is so much better.

iStudiez Pro

This app can assist students with tracking their assignments, schedules, and grades all from one centralized place. You are not sure when your Science paper is due or when is your next test? Just check the iStudiez Pro app! You simply need to input information about your obligations as you go along your day and the app will take care of everything for you. By using this app you will never miss another assignment or important class again. We still didn’t come to the best part which is the ability to sync the iStudiez Pro calendar with other calendar apps like Google Calendar. The app has been on the market for more than 9 years and in that time it really made a good reputation among students.


Quizlet is simply the best and easiest way to practice and master what you are learning.  Offering a vast collection of subjects, various study modes and a mixture of test preparation resources, this app allows students to use its study tools free of charge. Approximately 50 million students use Quizlet for studying each month! You have an option to create your own set of flashcards or to choose from millions created by other students. There is also an option to share your flashcards with friends and classmates. English Words

This app is absolutely a must-have for every student. Always is a good idea to expand your vocabulary, and this app will help you with that. It basically represents a dictionary you can carry in your pocket. It has a word of the day feature that will really help you with your vocabulary and you also have an option to listen to word pronunciations. Besides that, you can perform a voice-activated search, check out trending words or even find the most searched words in your area. The app is designed and optimized to run perfectly on your mobile device and it packs more than 2,000,000 trusteed definitions and synonyms.


A lot of students have a problem with concentrating and resisting the temptation of checking their phone every minute. This all could end up ruining their productivity. Forest is an app that will help students stay focused on whatever they are doing. The idea is simple, build a forest by not using your phone. Each tree in your forest represents your focused time. Use your phone before the time runs out and your tree will wither. It is as simple as that! Users also earn virtual coins which they can later spend on planting a real tree! Yes, you heard us right, the app is partnered with a real-tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future. Over 380,000 real trees have been planted so far by their users.

We hope you will find these apps interesting and very helpful. Which apps do you use in order to stay productive and on top of the things? Let us know in the comments below!

Article by Sandra Rodgers


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