Many hearts were shattered when singer, actress and model, Hellen Lukoma and Dean Nsubuga announced that they were breaking up after many years of dating.

Dean called off the relationship publicly on social media because Hellen was sleeping around with different men for money.

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Hellen and Dean

Well… it looks like there is more of a back story to their breakup than meets the eye. Hellen moved on, got married to the love of her life and they are expecting their first child now. However things are getting complicated again.

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Hellen and her husband

After a couple of year, the actress has come out to out some things straight about the bitter breakup with her ex. Speaking on Snapchat, Hellen wonders why and how people expected her to die with someone who couldn’t provide for her needs. He was so poor that she is the one that used to buy for him underwear.

“I used to buy my ex underwear with my own money and still **** him for free. And some of you hoes who call yourselves my friends wanted to **** him while he was spending my money” bitter Hellen reveled.

This is all so wild! It’s great that Hellen has found happiness with hubby, but we can’t believe she is commenting on Dean again publicly on social media.

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