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TRAVEL | How to Get to And Around Uganda

Upon every confirmation of a Uganda safari, the next question is how to get to and around the pearl of Africa. Getting to Uganda is one of the major concerns for travelers who require safe, cheap, comfortable and quick means of transport to all tourism spots al over Uganda. Safe and comfortable transport is a key to successful tour to Uganda the pearl of Africa and travelers always require the best, cheap, comfortable and quick means of transport. With the high cost of travelling to Rwanda, Uganda has at present become an end point for most travelers for gorilla safaris, chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing, mountaineering, cultural tours and bird watching among other attractions in different parts of the country. Gifted by nature, the pearl of Africa offers it all you need to meet, satisfy and exceed your travel expectations. On reaching Entebbe international airport, travelers automatically feel a difference made of fresh airs, beautiful sceneries of rolling hills and hospitable people all which make a safari to Uganda an exceptional experience. There are no clear words that can describe the pearl of Africa; our focus today is how to get to and around Uganda. Travelers to Uganda have alternative ways of getting to and moving around all tourism points in Uganda.

Travelling by air
Flying to Entebbe international airport is the quickest way to get to Uganda. Much as the Uganda national carrier (Air Uganda) is not functioning now, there are various flights that connect direct to Entebbe at relatively low prices. The direct flights to Uganda include Qatar airways, Ethiopian airways, Kenya airways, Rwanda air, Etihad airways and Brussels airways among others. Travelers can either choose economy class, premium economy, and business class and premium economy class depending on their income but all classes offer quality services. Also, there are chatter flights connecting to different parts of Uganda and these include kihihi airstrip and kayonza airstrip to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Apoka airstrip to kidepo valley national park and Pakuba airstrip to Murchison falls national park. Aero link conducts flights to any of these destinations at affordable prices.

Road transport
While in Uganda, road transport is the commonly used means of travel where by different vehicles connect to different destinations. Travelling by road can be by public or private means. Taxis in KampalaFor public transport, there are various buses and taxis, which carry different people to different areas. Expect to sit with people you do not know but its always advised to greet the person seated next to you. In some instances, different prices are charged depending on the distance one has to travel and the travelers bargaining power. First time travelers are reminded to always consult other passengers how much it is since some drivers take advantage of foreigners by charging them highly. Also, expect various stopovers as the matatus/buses drop off and pick passengers on different stages. Besides public transport, there are car hire companies, which hire out cars to travelers for specific days at a certain cost. Here travelers are given a car and a driver for the days he/she is to spend in Uganda. The driver goes with a client everywhere and is in most cases a driver guide who helps to explain in details all the necessary information a client requires on a safari. For those from the airport, there are airport taxis, which transfer travelers from Entebbe t different places within Kampala.

Self drive cars
More still travelers have an alternative of hiring self-drive cars. Fortunately, there are different self-drive companies, which hire cars to different tourism destinations all over Uganda. Here a traveler contacts a hire hire company, negotiates the prices and is given a car for all the days he/she is to send in Uganda. In this case, a traveler is a driver him/herself and is responsible for the safety of the car all the days he will be with it. Where to go and at what time is entirely a choice of a traveler with no any supervision. The car hired must be fully fuelled and in good mechanical conditions.

Motorcycles/boda boda
Besides using vehicles, travelers can jump on a boda boda and travel to wherever he/she wants to go. Travelling on a motorcycle is the best way to over view the city as you come across different people in the busy towns of Kampala. Interestingly boda bodas are relatively cheap and mots adventurous at a relatively low cost. Travelers are ridden on motorcycles to different tourism points such as kasubi tombs, Bahai temple, Uganda museum, Nakasero market, Gadaffi market and other attractions in the country. Both travelers and the riders wear helmets to ensure safety.

Travelling by foots is also another way to move within Kampala. This is well done in the morning and evening hours especially if you are connecting to the markets, shopping malls and other relaxing places in the city from your hotel. Here travelers meet and interact with other people such as hawkers selling different things at low costs. Footing is the best way to interact with local people as well as experiencing the real city life. Travelers are reminded to keep in the passenger lanes and footing is entirely free of charge.

Travelling by water
Some places in Uganda can be reached only by air. Waters especially on lake victoria, Uganda’s largest fresh water body, surround some places. Traveler’s board boats and ferries to different islands on the lake such as Ssese Island, which is surely worth visiting. Water transport is very enjoyable as it rewards travelers with a fresh feeling of fresh water airs as well as rewarding them with spectacular views of the neighboring communities and activities such as fishing that take place on the lake shores.
In conclusion therefore, travel to Uganda, visit all tourism spots in the country on road, air and water rewarding you a life changing experience.

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