Socialite Nana Weber┬árose to fame after she appeared in Bebe Cool’s video, Love everyday. She had since kept herself relevant by hosting the popular ‘Girls in the City’ parties at Atmosphere Lounge, Kololo before she left for U.S.A to stay with her hubby, Mr Matt Weber.

Nana on her wedding day

She has always been criticized for leaving all the potential young men around town and settling with an old man.

Being curvy and almost half-naked all the time, Nana attracts the attention of very many rich men who have always asked her what she saw in a pensioner that they couldn’t give her.

Nana Weber

Well she finally has the answer, and to all the critics, Nana thinks you should get over it because it’s only the ‘old pensioner’ that can afford her goodies.

Taking to social media, the socialite shared a photo kissing her hubby with a haunting caption; “Call him whatever u want, but the truth is He eats the most wanted & expensive food.┬áNone else can afford only Mr Weber”

This ofcourse triggered the emotions of her followers who decided to ‘humble her’ with haunting comments.


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