Mp Bobi Wine was interviewed together with Kenyan politician Babu Owino by Citizen Television’s Jeff Koinange

On Wednesday evening, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine arrived in Kenya via Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at the invitation of Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association.

Mp Bobi was interviewed together with Kenyan politician Babu Owino on Citizen Television’s Jeff Koinange Live show that very evening.

When asked by Jeff Koinange what message the government is sending to the young people in Uganda by treating Bobi the way he was treated.

Bobi Wine said, “In my opinion, the government seems to be telling the young people that either shut up or die, and in response the young people of Uganda seem to be saying we want to either be free or die ”

Full interview below;

Earlier in the day, while attending special church service, at the Kamwokya Catholic Parish, Bobi Wine Rallied the youth not to sell their minds and souls for president Museveni’s cash.

Bobi Wine, while referring to incidences where Museveni has splashed chunks of money to urban youths including those in Kamwokya, said the youths are being taken advantage of, owing to their condition.

He said that these don’t need cash handouts, but economic empowerment and a good environment through which they can develop themselves.

“You have seen it even here in Kamwokya. Because of the kind of situation we grew up in, they use money to make us consent to something wrong,” Bobi Wine said.

“But I want to tell you that what we need as people is to be treated as citizens and to be respected. We also need to see that the leadership which we have elected puts in place initiatives that enable us to develop ourselves as people. Not just throwing us something.” he added

“Even if you are hard pressed, don’t copy something wrong which your oppressor is showing you. Always stand for the truth,” he said.

“The space between us and our freedom is fear. Do not fear especially if you know that what you are doing is not a crime. Go on, follow the laws, but be assertive while doing so. Don’t sell your souls.” Bobi asserted

According to State House, the donation drives are meant to lift up such unemployed youths from poverty, by helping them join entrepreneurship groups and accessing funds to start up their own businesses, a claim refuted by the opposition.







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