Media has been buzzing with news that Da Nu Eagles band singer, Geoffrey Lutaaya together with his wife, Irene Namatovu embezzled over Ugx 200 Million meant for artists.

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Irene and Geoffrey Lutaaya

According to the reports, Lutaaya allegedly received the money on behalf of the Artistes Dream Sacco from the president over the weekend something which he strongly denies.

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Dr Hilderman Kiyaga Hillary the Dream Sacco Spokesperson has come out to defend Geoffrey who acts as the group chairman.

“He is not a thief. But he is doing everything as a leader to see that the group keeps growing and going.

“Hon. Minister Kasolo acted as our representative in the beginning and we had it registered legally. They elected Geoffrey as the chairman. This week, they called him that he was to meet the president to brief him about the Sacco. Geoffrey came as a leader who was sent by the group members. If he represented, Ugandans should get boundaries. I don’t want anyone to have a mentality that it is bad to meet with the president… provided it is for a good cause.

“If he went and represented his people and managed to lobby, we should not be criticizing him. He was following up the minister’s promise to the Dream Sacco.

“Therefore, we as artists of the Dream Sacco, we stand with him. He didn’t even bring the money because it was just a promise. And if the money is delivered, it shall be for all artists in the Sacco” Hiderman concluded.


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