Over the weekend, Nigerian citizens went to various polling stations to cast their votes to elect Nigeria’s new President and their representatives but Davido didn’t vote yet he has been busy campaigning for some of the presidential candidates for 2019 elections. Fans have attacked him for failing to cast his vote as a Nigerian citizen.

Taking to social media, Davido’s fans reacted with rants all over social media after noticing that he didn’t vote yet he urged every Nigerian citizen to exercise their right by going to vote for their leaders.

One of his fans called out the 26-year-old musician for not voting despite having urged others to exercise their civil duties.

The angry fan had quite a lot to say to the musician. Although he later deleted his post, Davido spotted it right on time and responded to him.

Davido replied to his fan by revealing his main reason why he didn’t vote in the 2019 Nigeria Elections.

According to Davido, he was in South Africa all through the period of the elections.

However, Davido blames Nigeria Electrol Commission for having postponed the elections from February 23, a day he had a chance to cast his vote before travelling to South Africa for his duty call.

The postponement of the elections led Davido not show up. He asks his fans to understand his situation but it’s not his fault but rather he blames NEC.

Check out Davido’s reply to his angry fans.


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