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Eddy Kenzo says he loves Bebe Cool but brands him as ‘arrogant’.

Musicians Bebe Cool and Eddy Kenzo have for long disagreed and the two have been throwing jibes at each other given the chance.

Infact earlier this year, Bebe Cool said Eddy Kenzo achieved accidental fame with the viewer’s choice award for the BET Awards, he has no talent and his X-factor are the ghetto kids, whose dance regimen catapulted him (Kenzo) to accidental fame.

Well Big Talent C.E.O has addressed the scuffle at Lugogo Cricket Oval last Friday that saw fans throw Bebe Cool off the stage hurling insults and dishing out stones at him. According to Kenzo, all Bebe Cool needs to do is to apologise to his fans saying they will take him back because they love him.

“You can’t run away from reality. We are all Ugandans and we all face the same problems. The fans that threw  bottles at him are his supporters and they are the same people that go to his shows. So if they are not happy and he doesn’t take their side, they are hurt. Something is not right.”

The ‘Jubilation’ hit maker also made a surprising revelation when he said he to loves Bebe but branded him as proud and arrogant

“He has to get back on ground because they love him, I love him. He is just arrogant.

“He wants to stay up and show that he is powerful but he just has to apologise to the people.” Kenzo said.

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