effects of climate change

Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah urged legislators to engage in and support tree planting and restoring the environment so as to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

In his communication from the chair at the resumption of plenary from a two weeks break, Oulanyah noted that there has been a marked increase in natural disasters in Uganda and across the world as a result of climate change and an upset in the natural order of the environment.

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah

“Families have been badly affected by lightning, hailstorms and turbulent winds in Kiruhura and Buyende districts and we need to do something about it,” he said. 

Oulanyah added that lives and property have been lost in the violent storms as a result of the destruction of tree cover.

“Homesteads, schools and churches in the countryside are extremely exposed bare; it should be a wakeup call to us to plant trees and protect swamps for the good of the environment,” he said.

The Deputy Speaker urged fellow MPs to sensitize the population about the advantages of planting trees and protecting vegetation since they act as wind breakers and restore natural balance in the environment.

“At the onset of the rainy season, I urge MPs to set an example in their communities by planting trees in their home compounds, compounds of churches and schools and along roads,” Oulanyah said.

He further noted that he has taken the initiative and will next week commission tree planting in seven schools in his community.

Oulanyah also urged the Ministry of Water and Environment and its agencies to take up the mantle in sensitizing communities about the environment.

“We need you to go out there and talk to people about the safe management of the environment and mobilize tree seedlings to be given out to the local population,” he said.

Oulanyah said action needs to be taken on the protection of the environment otherwise climate change will wipe out countries and the entire continent.


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