Defeating president Museveni, talking of a successor or learning from him.

What variables does one use to measure success, achievements and failures. When is the right time to flip the switch? How many people would be glad to inherit a business you hardly know anything about save that its your father or mother’s business. In Uganda today many of us surpringly want to inherit this business. We say its our right and the law is clear on this; it is indeed.

Politics and comedy seem to be the most significant source of local entertainment throughout the country. Television audiences go sky high when an advent of tear gas, police, army, opposition, riots appears in down town kampala. Though politics is not entertainment, the production of it is more or less dramatic.

We have most certainly grown tired of President Museveni but on many a times for the wrong reasons or put in another way, a sectarian approach to letting go of Museveni.

When we talk of president Museveni leaving so that we take over power or someone else takes power on our behalf we must surely ask ourselves what has president Museveni left for us? This is a question that we must seize and understand before we can discuss President Museveni leaving.

We are told President Museveni brought peace in Uganda. This song we have heard enough of it and it’s salt is deminishing. Today we must study how President Museveni has managed to maintain peace throughout most of the country.

Secondly, we must internalize and develop a peculiar approach to how President Museveni has managed to be in power for over 30 years. Being in power for 30years is not achieved by gambling or sheer luck.

Any one that has not mastered these two things has seen the future and not tell you about a successor or defeating President Museveni. We talk about president Museveni leaving because we claim we are poor under his regime or more seriously that he has made us poor.

To the learned, financial freedom is not gotten on a vote it’s achieved through hardwork, strategy and out maneuvering opponents. The west shall never hand down economic power it holds over the world’s resources on a more vote at the UN.

So when a contender for presidency talks to me and says he/she wants to lead/ rule Uganda for 25-30 plus year when president Museveni leaves office my ears are open to hear their strategy. But if it’s a mere change of guard from allegedly a bad one to a good, am not interested because I shall be poor even in this so-called good government.

For those seeking dialogue with president Museveni the issues must be laid down; the blue prints on how (Museveni has achieved peace and wielded power for so long). The master plan to economic freedom has this two ingriedients stacked in there.

President Museveni has done his and now we need to prove to ourselves before we clamour for this power. Disagreeing while steadily following is food for thought here.


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