Taking to Instagram, Somizi Mhlongo unveils his latest new look after recovering from some illness for one entire whole week.

He doesn’t reveal to us what he has been suffering from that almost threatened his life.

Somizi says, “I survived this week. I promise to take care of myself more. As the profound saying goes “ NEVER KILL YOSELF FOR A JOB THAT WILL REPLACE U THE MIN U DROP DEAD” MONEY CAN BE RECOVERED. TIME CANT. good night. Be blessed. I love U.”  

The 45 year old media personality shared a photo of himself donning his latest new look after battling unknown illness not revealed to us.

In the photo, he’s seen with makeup on his face, new  Orange color hairdo style.

Somizi Mhlongo is always full of surprises. What’s your say about his latest new look?



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