Joel Isabirye with Natie on their introduction

Kampala city tycoon and Media Consultant Joel Isabirye is back in the game again after calling it quits with his baby mama, Nuru Nabikolo commonly known as Natie K.

Isabirye has made a name for himself when it comes to the number of times he has married / introduced or promised a forever to some body’s daughter.

His most prominent failed marriage was with media personality and musician Rebecca Jingo.

Isabirye has come out with claims that his recent marriage failed because of violence, physical abuse, theft among others.

Read his statement below;


Having met a few rascals in the matters of the heart, i formed one theoretical framework: in matters of the home, if you terribly misbehave (for example are violent, engage in physical abuse, theft, etc) or fail to manage the home and play to the public gallery, a replacement is made without much talking. those who shout most in public tend to be the most problematic inside the home.

I became a public figure at a tender age and for the right reasons: making radio stations work. others become public figures by who they date, or noise they make on social media or how peculiarly they dress. i am different.

Serious men want serious partners who they can work with to conquer space. not partners who they can work with to attend boat cruises in rickety boats and narrowly survive death for which they (the men) can be blamed.

Men should strive to marry women not girls however young they might seem. if marriage finds you young (you should strive to transform from being practically teenagers into a man or woman in marriage because it is a very serious affair, however fun like it should also be). People should be prepared to become mature at home. life is not just a joke although we should find time to laugh.

With my mother’s blessings [who knows the inside picture of what happens] as usual, i look forward to the future.

yours truly, professor joel isabirye. kampala, february 20, 2019

First and last words, back to work for the future…going global is the agenda this year.”


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