Buntricia Bastian 

Nigerian make-up artist, Buntricia Bastian has today celebrated her 58th birthday despite being hospitalised.

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About four months ago, Bastian broke hearts of many when she announced that her body organs were failing and she could pass on anytime.

But today, 15th. October. 2018, she shared an encouraging message with her fans as she turned a year older.

“Today is my 58th birthday and I am nothing but grateful, I have Lung cancer stage 4, now am I complaining, absolutely not, am grateful that am alive and that i can walk. ” says Buntricia.


” My 58th birthday 🎁 I am grateful to be alive to see. I have no complaints, as sick as I am I have zero pain and that my doctors do not understand I don’t ask why me the thought has never entered my mind. I just stay real still and let Jehovah do my bidding. Thank you all as always for your prayers and support I love ❤️ all. Talk Soon Buntricia” she posted on her social media platform.

Buntricia Bastian is a Nigerian based in Miami, Florida who has been battling with Cancer for a number of year.






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