The Kyadondo East Member of parliament Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has taken the ‘Fiscal Policy’ debate to studio.

He is recording a song titled ‘Fiscal policy’ as a reply to the viral video and mockery from the public who claimed he had no idea about the economic policies of Uganda yet he wants to be president.

The criticism was as a result of his vague response to the question on Fiscal policy on NTV on the spot, last week.

However in this song where he is featuring fellow honorable, Zaake and Nubian Li, Bobi explains the matter.

“So now we bring the fiscal to the disco and break it down for the common man…’ says the introduction of the song.

His wife, Barbie, excitedly shared a snippet of their studio session saying if she was given chance to choose the title of the song, she would name it,
“If I was President.”

“If I was given an opportunity to change how my people live, the condition, the oppression, the high taxes… that would be my fiscal policy… I wonder why the poverty is so high…reduce the prices, raise the salaries… that would be my fiscal policy .” Bobi said in a verse.


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