Valentine’s Day can be a great day if you are in love, but can straight up suck if you are feeling alone and watching couple’s get all cosy. That, dear friends, is called Valentine’s Day love envy.

It’s a real thing. And we get it every single time we think of seeing some of our favourite celebs all loved-up on Valentine’s Day.

Kampala is filled with celeb couples but singers Aziz Azion and A Pass are among the celebrities who aren’t shy to flaunt their baes on social media.

Aziz Azion and Debby

These two have been together for along time and have 3 beautiful children but they can’t get enough of each other and often display their affection of social media. For Valentine’s Day, the couple shared a video of them together cuddling up in studio with Aziz playing one of his songs for Debby.

A Pass and Babz Winnie

Alex Bagonza who is also known as A Pass is one person that will always surprise you from the way he talks and the comedy skills especially on social media. But the ‘Guliwano’ hit maker has another side of him that will blow you away – and it is the love he has for his woman, Babz Winnie.

A Pass and Babz have been together for some time now and they are not afraid to let everyone know that they are in love.

For Vals day, A Pass shared Babz’ photos confessing his love for her


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