In much a twist of things it would seem impossible that one can pay One million shillings for a phone at an outlet of a big telecom company and end up mentally tired, over worked and lost to a solution that solves their impairment; but this is the tale of one innocent Uganda.

This story begins on the 27th of October 2015 when a humble and innocent Uganda having a million shillings decides that phones from downtown outlets may not be legit and as such goes to Acacia Mall- Home to rich people and high-end products. Things can never go wrong there you would assume.

The Receipt that shows purchase from the Airtel Ug shop at Acacia Mall

This Ugandan buys a Samsung Galaxy E7 and on receiving the phone believes that the walk; swag, esteem and a seat at the top of mobile phones’ throne was about to be a possession of theirs.

Unfortunately, the twist begins, network related issues and software related headaches; the pain begins here. This innocent Uganda visits Airtel but is not convinced by their response as to the problem with the phone.

The Ugandan then visits Samsung and months pass before the revelation that breaks a rock comes out of Samsung that the phone is out of warrant. To this alone, many Ugandans need to go to Law school or hire a lawyer to explain the meaning to them. Sweating and wetting pants here are synonymous to one another but what would an innocent Ugandan do in the advent of such legality that where never anticipated when the phone was being bought.

Samsung was kind enough to clear the air that the phone was never made and meant for the Jordan market and not East Africa and that is the reason why network and software related issues surfaced in the usage of the phone.

The Email from Samsung saying that the phone was made for Jordan not East Africa.

And for that matter, the warranty this Ugandan had gotten when they phone was sold to them was useless.  Think about this, “When Jesus never comes to save you but all kinds of mean words keep falling on your ears”. This is that kind of stressful and agonizing ordeal that begs the question. Are Ugandans entitled to a duty of care by these mobile and tech giants or it’s about the money.

How many such phones are on the market today? To understand this part of the story, the involvement of Midcom cannot be stressed further.

To be continued…


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