Following the demolisition of the poorly built Equator in Queen Elizabeth National Park, a one Jaffer Joel Aita introduced the ‘Joadah Innovative Challenge’ where participants were expected to come up with a perfect design of the Equator.

Many came up with different designs but Eric Prince Ondia emerged as the winner of the challenge that kicked off in September. He will be taking home a reward of Ugx 1million and his design will be proposed to relevant government department for implementation

Prince Ondia

“The design draws inspiration from the green and mountainous character of Uganda’s landscape. As such, the design is made part of the landscape retaining the green character.

Furthermore, the idea is to have a monument that offers more than just a visual image. Underneath the monument, the design seeks to expose visitors to lively and attractive resources such as a cultural display, coffee shop and craft shops.” Eric Prince said


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