Down by the ally in Bunamwaya, Wakiso, at the chairman’s park, Ochola benson Ochola latter to be known as the Mandingo king walks a lonely figure surrounded by poverty and deserted of friends. Its dark and chilly. Terror is on the loose. Three young men cut across the corner on the far end of the walk way.

As ochola approaches, he soon realizes that the young men have him within striking distance. A right-handed hook brushes him by the chin and he takes station on the ground. He is frisked vigorously and now a scuffle ensues; he refuses to let go of his phone. A blade is unleashed and death appears to want take course. The blades cut through is shirt and barely braces his skin. As a result Ochola picks the same blade and cuts through two of the boys. Panic as blood gashes through their bodies. The three boys run take off by the way of the wind.

This being no liberation Sunday the police returns with the three boys in pursuit of ochola. Guns, patrol cars, motorbikes and rude faces- the mandingo dies tonight. Ochola now hiding in the roof of this latrine listens to the tail of these three boys as they narrate their ordeal to the police office, one sergeant Benjamin Avurra.

Is this where he stabled you from? asked sergent Avurra.

Yes, answered the three boys. One small headed, tall and a mohawk hair style called Obella Johnson and the other short and chabby called Jamiru Kakama. Katerega their colleague looks on as though smitten by a spirit.

kakama then begun to narrate the story to the sergent.

We were walking home and I heard footsteps from down “dair”, ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta” and I said, “hmmmmmmmm”. Then my phone did, “ting ting” then I said, “hmmmmmmmmm” “nga” my phone does not send me messages at night. We continued to walk in the grass, swa, swa, swa, swa, swa, swa.

 On turning around I couldn’t see the man that was walking. I said “ehhhhhhhhhh” and my heart begun to beat “tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu”.  Then Katerega said,  “kawedemu.” Soon there after the man appeared and cut us “swi. Swi, swi swi swi swi  swi swi swi swi swi and the blood begun to walk out of our bodies. Obella cried out government “Etuyambe” and so we run to the police. As we were running “swa swa swa swa” I checked my pocket, “owup” and my money was “pye” and I said “ehhhhhh walayi ono omusaja mubbi.”


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