Living in the pearl of Africa, the ambience of change, the lingering of a never ending thought and how the state has done absolutely nothing to wield social and economic transformation stretch the vast land.

So, when we go out to protest about issues we feel have gone wrong we go out with a strange feeling to put down the state. Many at times this is not the goal but if the state fell as a result of this action we would jubilate. I remember seeing members of Parliament in Zimbabwe dancing and jubilating upon the political demise of Robert Mugabe but before they had spoken about him in good state.

So today I can say confidently that the government in power has done nothing; the reason for this is simple, the west media platforms and politicians pro and against have taught me that my leader is bad, an abuser of human rights, a dictator and rigs elections. But to the contrary the American President or UK Prime Minister is good and loves democracy and can’t rig an election. When the US and UK kills, it’s in the name of the greater good of the world but if your president Kills, it’s the cruel action of a dictator.

This kind of hypocrisy is wide spread in Africa, we as citizens of Uganda and Africans in general have been taught to look upon their leaders with suspicion. But the foreigners love and adoration and yet most of the times they have come with different intentions.

As such we dream of having President Museveni and others taken to the International Criminal Court. One of the biggest shames in the world was President Kenyatta going to trial at the ICC while he was still president. His going to the ICC was not shameful but the people of Kenyan looking on as their president boarded a plane heading to the west. The land that preaches peace and rule of law but continues to kill and sponsor terror and will go to great length to subvert justice.  This is one of the biggest betrayal we Africans have committed in modern time. This is only second to (I)the times our ancestors run to the forests as their brothers and sisters we being herded into slavery by both Islamist Arabs, Christian Europeans and Americans and (II) what we do everyday. Kenyatta went to the ICC and Kenyans didn’t even lament. Its business as usual.

We as African people have abandoned our presidents and leaders and thus abandoned ourselves. We have exposed ourselves time and again to a known danger that Africa has suffered; the foreign element by whatever name you may call it.

We being misguided are caught up in a desire to make political change and have left commerce and innovation on life support.

So, one wonders where is the betrayal; is it when you go to a political rally and you chant about what you don’t understand clearly, when you shop overseas because you like good things, when you pay your taxes, when you walk and party aimlessly, when you speak with your mouth contrary to what is harboured in your mind. When security is a money-making tool for officers, when the west is your master that you have to report your leaders to them, when politics is business and business is politics. So, we create political parties and seek political office to get money in the same light security organs fight political actors to get more funds for operations.  The betrayal is when a nation lays in wait for the regime to change. We do less to prepare for the change itself this is the biggest betrayal.

When you look at the majority of African, the desire to run to western Embassies and consulates to cry out for help against their so-called adversaries is above the ceiling. The same countries that have compromised your leaders are the same countries Africans run to. So when you come into power, you are already compromised, you can only dance at the tune of these powers.

In away we close our eyes and ears to what our leaders are saying and in turn say its our leaders that have shut their eyes and ears. Each side has facts to back up their analogy.

Self-determination for Africans is important for we have been lied to for centuries, in religion, politics, social order, commerce and now we are deeply hooked to the path to perdition. Every leader we get soon becomes, bad why? The west has told us that out leader is bad because of alleged human rights violations and yet the same countries that tell us this are far worse.


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