Why Elective democracy is not an answer to African problems

One evening, I asked God/Allah as known to many of you and the creator to me why my 76 prayers had never been answered in the affirmative and why no reason has not been handed down to me. To date I still have received no reply but have never flinched in my belief in the creator of the world.

Therefore, my question to the academicians, intellectuals, politicians, elders, heads of political spheres, why should we change the head of state every 5 years merely because he has not done enough or has done nothing. Where the answer is in support of changing the leader every 5 years, why don’t you also support that we should change Gods here and there if they constantly do not answer our prayers.

Can Africa learn to manage herself this should be the premise. African needs to garner spirit and discipline, the one which will support an African to make his/her own decision.

For this reason, Africa has to let go of western styled democracy and forge out her own form of leadership style. For how long will African solve her problems with western styled solutions.

African countries have changed leadership in conventional and non-conventional ways but the promised land is never reached.

Today we are told if the government is not good enough removed it in the elections; vote another and so Africans have tried this but in vain.

The excuse here has been that the incumbent always rigs the elections but it’s equally true that the opposition also rigs elections.

Many times, we are last because we compete in things and in formats that are not ours or in which we have not navigated the circumstances to know what’s there for us?

Can Africa rally like Elijah that if God is God worship God but if Baal is God worship Baal and thereafter say to God, “If God you are with me am with you but if you are not with me open the gates of hell wide open for I have matched with you and found nothing now I want to try out other things”.

Where an African is afraid of such a step then let’s embrace our leaders the way we embrace the creator. Let’s love our leaders the way we have loved God even when our prayers are not answered.

We as Ugandans need to forge our own style of leadership. Lets stop crying to the west. We need to sit down and draft out our own ways and structures that support our own values. In my own way, I would think by first removing the legislature and we use that money to set up industries.

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